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Have any questions or concerns ? Our spotlight is on You!  Please call us at 618-235-6032 or send us an email at

Pointe Shoe Elastic and Ribbons

We can sew your elastic and ribbons onto your pointe shoes for a $20.00 sewing fee.  Elastic and ribbons are included in the price.  If you purchase your pointe shoes from us, we will measure the elastic at the time of sale.  If you purchased your shoes elsewhere, we'll sew them, too!  Just be sure to bring your shoes with you so that we can measure the elastic accurately.

Team Shoes and Costumes

We can come to you or you may visit our store for praise dance, color guard or dance team costume and/or shoe fittings.  We will bring a sizing kit for shoes, size the team, place your order and deliver the shoes to you or you may pick them up.  For costumes, you may view the BP Designs, Eurotard, Bloch or Capezio  catalogs online or in store, send us the team's sizes and pick up the costumes at our store.


Our Policies

1.   All costume, accessory and clearance sales are final. No returns or exchanges allowed.

2.  NO returns on Tights ; Exchanges only, if unopened and accompanied by the original receipt within 21 days.

3.  Return Policy:  All returns or exchanges must be completed within 21 days of purchase.  All credits or refunds will be issued back to the customer by whichever method of payment was used for the original sale. For all returns/exchanges, we require that the merchandise not show any visible wear.   All original packaging/tags intact and original receipt presented.  Demetria's reserves the right to deny any return that we see as unsuitable for resale.

4. No checks are allowed for purchases or rentals.

Thank you!  

Click here for our Production Policies

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